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Hindsight 2020

New Haven

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Update: The Hindsight 2020 submission form closed on January 10, 2022. Thank you to everyone who participated in the project. If you have questions, please email

Sobre el Proyecto

عن المشروع (Arabic - PDF)

Illustration of people in neighboring apartment buildings on their balconies2020 has been a transformative and historic year. Hindsight 2020: New Haven is a collaborative community project documenting 2020 in the Greater New Haven area from the perspectives of those of us who have lived it. It’s an opportunity to share our experience of the year, hear each other’s stories, and to make our reflections part of the historical record.

Greater New Haven residents can submit text and images to be included in a digital archive documenting their experiences and the impact of the year on their families, their neighborhoods, and their communities. Reflections submitted to Hindsight 2020: New Haven will be preserved in the Manuscripts and Archives department of the Yale University Library.

Reflections will be made publicly accessible as an archival collection so that future generations might better understand what it was like to live through 2020 in the Greater New Haven area. Submissions will be accepted through 2021 and will be posted to this site until July 2022.

See Frequently Asked Questions to learn more.

Who we are

Hindsight 2020: New Haven is a project of Manuscripts and Archives in the Yale University Library. The project is managed by Michelle Peralta, Resident Archivist for Yale Special Collections, and Jennifer Coggins, Archivist for Collection Development. Please contact us at if you have questions or concerns.

We acknowledge that: 

  • 2020 has been marked by historic, traumatic, and transformative global events including the COVID-19 pandemic, widespread movements for racial justice, and a presidential election. These events and their impacts are ongoing, not contained to the year 2020, and continue to affect our daily lives. 
  • While it is important to document the impact of these events on our local community, it is most important to respond to, support each other through, and survive them. 
  • The content of this project is created by and for the Greater New Haven community and its strength depends on the diversity of its contributors and their experiences. The events of the year have affected us all differently and the historical record should reflect this.
  • Some of us will not be able to speak to our experiences in the moment. We should be able to share our stories on our own terms, if, when, and how we want to. Contributing to this project is just one of many ways of adding our voices to the historical record.
  • Preserving a record of one’s experiences should be a quick, accessible, and transparent process. 

We commit to:

  • Preserving submissions using professional best practices for preserving, describing, and providing access to digital materials. 
  • Making submissions to the project accessible on the project website in a timely manner through the end of the submission period and later make them accessible via the free and publicly-accessible Archives at Yale portal.
  • Encouraging and facilitating contributions from across the Greater New Haven community, striving to represent the diversity of our community and our experiences.
  • Providing opportunities to share stories in different ways and at different times in the future. 

Image: “Balcony concerts” created by Catherine Cordasco and uploaded by United Nations COVID-19 Response on Unsplash.