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Hindsight 2020

New Haven

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Hindsight 2020


Hindsight 2020

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I moved to Connecticut near the end of 2019. It has been challenging settling in to a new place during this time, and not being able to be physically present to support family and friends in times of illness and grief. I have been incredibly lucky to…

I often walk. Downtown, the woods, and over years, across all of New Haven's neighborhoods.

I spent much of Spring walking close to home. The streets were empty. Downtown, vacant. The few people there squinted over masks at each other, crossing to…

We are now nine months into the societal restrictions necessary to control the pandemic. I am grateful for my safe home which is now also my place of work, I am grateful for my job and my health. I continue to look for positive notes each day. I have…

Slow down and smell the air

Creativity during Covid
Our grandchildren have had an opportunity to learn to entertain themselves inside with the playgrounds closed

What do you want people in the future to know about what life was like in this time?

It was the most confining of times and the most liberating of times. 2020 showed the limitations of our governments, our prejudices, and ourselves. 2020 also…

I know when I go, the wind will still blow,
and the river will flow by my window.

The oaks by my house will outlive me,
My lifespan shorter than a tree!

The things we think are so important, are not at all.
The earth has seen awesome events…

2020 was a year of sadness and unexpected blessings. I am aware of being very fortunate to shelter in Madison in a beautiful home overlooking a marsh, of being able to work remotely and of having adequate financial and interpersonal resources. I…

I have seen the worst in people. They are stupid, selfish, ignorant, and unable to follow basic instructions for public safety. They endanger the lives of others for no reason; they refuse to mask up, refuse to distance, and refuse vaccinations. Yet…

Shared family time with limited or no contact

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