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Hindsight 2020

New Haven



2020 was a year of sadness and unexpected blessings. I am aware of being very fortunate to shelter in Madison in a beautiful home overlooking a marsh, of being able to work remotely and of having adequate financial and interpersonal resources. I have gained an appreciation of the wildlife around my house (birds, deer, osprey, baby foxes(!!) and have taken drives to nearby areas in Connecticut that I had never taken the time to see. My partner, who lives in New York, moved in with me, which has let me explore that relationship. I have been very distressed by Trump and his allies politicizing the pandemic. It has been hard not to see my children and particularly my young grandchildren who live out west.


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I am 71, widowed, in a relationship with a 77 year old man I met online 4 years ago. I am a clinical psychologist and I have switched to remote (phone,
FaceTime) work due to COVID. I am a Democrat.

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Creator chose not to display name publicly, “[Untitled],” Hindsight 2020, accessed October 6, 2022,