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Hindsight 2020

New Haven



I moved to Connecticut near the end of 2019. It has been challenging settling in to a new place during this time, and not being able to be physically present to support family and friends in times of illness and grief. I have been incredibly lucky to still be employed, to be able to work from home much of the time, and to have (so far) not lost friends or family members to the virus. I worry for loved ones who are required to work in close proximity to others and are living in areas where COVID-19 is rampant but few take it seriously. I think I will remember 2020 as an exhausting time of anxiety, uncertainty, and grief, when it felt like everything was simultaneously on-hold and hurtling ahead full-speed.


Jennifer Coggins


I am 30 years old and work in the Yale University Library.

Spatial Coverage



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