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Hindsight 2020

New Haven

Confining Liberation


Confining Liberation


What do you want people in the future to know about what life was like in this time?

It was the most confining of times and the most liberating of times. 2020 showed the limitations of our governments, our prejudices, and ourselves. 2020 also highlighted the resilience and determination of of humanity despite numerous obstacles. I want people in the future to now that humanity was forced to stay apart from itself which lead to not only old nightmares but also supported new dreams for humanity to reconnect with itself and the world whether it was working towards a COVID-19 vaccine or worldwide protests. Humanity cannot truly exist in isolation.




Luis New Haven native who lives in West Haven. Household includes senior citizens. Work has affected my experience with my job(public library) working from home and how to make public spaces safe in the time of social distance

Date Created

Photo taken 12.17.2020

Spatial Coverage


Jennifer Coogins reached out via email



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